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About Brian Wragg Haulage Ltd

Established in 1991 as a sole trader "Brian Wragg Haulage" 1 driver Brian driving a 7.5 ton flat bed delivering anything that would fit from Tins of Paint to Steel Pipes, Bought first Articulated Truck 1994 Expanded in 1996 doubling the fleet to 2 Artics, a steady increase in vehicles and trailers up to our current level of 8 Artics. We were incorporated July 2008.

Brian started his company on the site of his Grandfathers old haulage business in Hunwick, County Durham in 1991. Brian has always been around trucks from a very early age seeing as both his Grandfather and Father were both Hauliers before him. In fact at the time Brian was due to be born, Hunwick village was cut off due to snow and Gordon Wragg (Brian’s Dad) took Brian’s mother to hospital in his truck as it was the only vehicle capable of making it out through the snow.

Brian Wragg Haulage Ltd has been in business since 1991 and, in that time, Brian has built a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable haulier. Brian himself has always been a “hands on” type of man who would work day or night, weekdays or weekends, to make his company work. In all the years he has operated, he has built up very good customer relations with a wide variety of customers/companies both here in the UK, and the rest of Europe, Norway in particular.

In 2006 he moved his company to Coundon near Bishop Auckland which was a much larger and more accessible depot with enough room to site his expanding fleet of vehicles and trailers and included office space, and storage. Both Brian, his office staff and drivers take pride on being part of his family business with many years’ experience in transport and haulage.

This means we are qualified to ensure the smooth running of all your transport needs. Our drivers / staff are fully trained and qualified, our fleet of vehicles are fully equipped and all our drivers carry company photo card ID’s. Our aim is to build long term working relationships with our customers in order to fit in, effortlessly, with the rest of their business.

Site visits and assessments can be carried out on request if necessary. At Brian Wragg haulage we are known for our reliability, flexibility and professionalism in all aspects of Road Transport, transport logistics and road haulage.

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